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Men's Plush Faux Fur House Slippers

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These men's slippers are a classic and comfy shoe choice for wear around your home. Hard rubber sole adds slip resistance, and gives you the ability to walk comfortably in and out of your home. The wool lining helps keep your feet warm during the colder seasons, and the soft suede uppers gives the shoe its classic mocassin appearance. Cushioned inner sole adds another layer of comfort, and makes all day wear easy and convenient.

- These slippers do run small, so we suggest purchasing 1 size larger for a better fit, and checking
- Slippers come in the standard moccasin design, adorned with a decorative drawstring and stitching,
- The inside of the moccasins are lined with wool to help keep your feet warm throughout the colder
- Cushioned inner soles insure comfort during long wear.
- These slippers have a hard, textured rubber sole that is slip resistant, and can also be worn inside
Sole Length
Small (8)
Medium (9/10)
Large (11/12)
XLarge (13)

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