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Women's Corduroy House Shoe Slippers

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These faux suede slippers are great for casual wear around the house. The suede uppers give these house shoes a classic look, and not only are they soft to the touch, but feature plush inner material that is very fleecy and comfortable. The hard rubber sole is suitable for wearing outdoors, and allows you to take the comfort of your home with you wherever you go!

- These mocassin slippers are lined with warm wool like material which is perfect for keeping yourself
- Faux suede upper gives these slippers a classic look, and insulates as well.
- The slippers are designed for versatility and longwear, featuring a soft inner sole paired with a
- Closed toe moccasin design comes in three classic colors.
SIZE Sole Length
7 10.5"
8 10.75"
9 11"
10 11.5"
11 11.75"
12 12"

Width is 4" for sizes 7-11, and 4.25" for size 12.

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